teleStory empowers illiterate families to read together

Imagine Not being able to read a simple bedtime story

to your own child.

This is how the 300 Million illiterate adults in India feel. Illiteracy is a cycle that traps families in poverty.


TeleStory combines mobile phones with story books, to deliver audio lessons to illiterate children and their parents.

TeleStory works by creating pre-recorded audio lessons that match to story books delivered through our library system. Our audio lessons bring books to life and help the family to learn together.


teleStory has impacted the lives of 1,500 Families In 300 Balwadis across 6 India states.

We offer over 120 different audio lessons in 4 different languages to choose from. 

Our Story

In 2015, teleStory participated in the Hult Prize competition, earning the second place in the Global Finals, hosted at the Clinton Global Iniciative in front of 900 global leaders.

Our Partners